Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm a Featured Artist!

My Artwork was Published by Quail Bell Magazine.

I haven't talked about this much because I'm waiting to discuss it in hindsight but just so everyone knows I am still actively pursuing a full-time position working anywhere at anything in order to pay the bills. No, art isn't doing it right now, but that will change!  But for now… the goal is to avoid stressing over making a living and just worry about what drawing I'd like to do next!

This leads me to what happened next.  I don't have any in office training with advertising and marketing design so I've been applying to internships.  I found an awesome listing for one in Washington D.C. so I applied.  About a week later I get an email from the creative director informing me that the position had been filled, but the generous lady also noted that she wanted to feature me in her magazine's blog!  And as an artist I'm so on for any free advertising, but also as an artist I'd like to promote the people who promoted me.  Here's the link to my featured post and I encourage everyone to go check it out for yourself as well as follow them!

Thank you for your support Quail Bell.

And as always, this blog and material was originally posted on my website!

Artwork that was published:

Whale Boat:

Curious Robot:

Self Deconstruction:

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